About Us

Our History

For more than 30 years now, we have been researching family histories in order to trace family members who can inherit an intestate estate (that is, an estate where either no Will has been left that would direct the distribution of the estate or where the named beneficiaries of an estate have all passed, thus voiding the intentions of the Will). Sanclaro works primarily in New Zealand, where the deceased may have passed or where there is a New Zealand connection to the deceased.

Our second area of work involves tracing people who, for whatever reason, are not aware that there are assets somewhere in the world to which they may have a valid claim.  Over the years we have matched thousands of people to such assets and they have received a cheque from our lawyers paying them out.

We should add here that we do not involve ourselves in claiming tax refunds due to people, as there are businesses out there that do this work, but we are not one of them.

In the course of dealing with Sanclaro you will likely talk with or meet our people:

Our People

Graham Sanders
Graham has an MA(Hons) in history and an MBA and has spent many years researching New Zealand history and family history. His knowledge and experience in these areas is second to none.

Graham’s roles include being the primary contact for all clients and fundholders. He is responsible for checking all client documentation and the liaison with the fundholders to gain approval for your payout from these funds.

Email: g.sanders@sanclaro.com
Mobile: (021) 261-260


Jane Claro
Jane has an international B.Com and is currently completing another New Zealand B.Com in order to conform to the New Zealand professional requirements. She is increasingly involved in the financial management of our company and the analysis of each claim and its distribution.  Jane will be responsible for the liaison between our company and its lawyers to ensure that your pay-out will be managed promptly and correctly by our lawyers.

Email: mj.claro@sanclaro.com


Ross Woodgate
Ross is the chief ‘finder’ of beneficiaries of estates and funds. If you receive a letter from us it will be because he has found you and your address somewhere in New Zealand.

His other role is that of being our ‘technical whizz’ as he has developed our databases and systems that enable us to efficiently process vast amounts of information including lists of people who we need to find and contact.


Glenn Burgess
AREA MANAGER: North Island
Glenn has been working with us for many years now and has visited clients from North Cape to Bluff, helping put together the documents needed to file a successful claim.  Although he is based in Christchurch, Glenn works primarily in the North Island, meeting with clients as necessary.  He does, however, also work with selected South Island clients as well.

Glenn’s role is a part-time one as he is frequently overseas on work-related business.  Because of this, if you need to contact Glenn then please contact Graham in the first instance and he will get your messages passed on when Glenn is available.