Some of our Letters

From Vyvien, Wellington Region:
I have just received the money today and I just wanted to say thank you for hunting me down! It has come in the nick of time: I need an […] operation and have been worried about how I was going to afford it. Now, no problem!  Many thanks again. Sincerely, Vyvien (6 August 2015)

From Murray, London:
That’s good. Thanks very much! (20 August 2015)

From Bill, Otago Region:
Thank you very much. You’ve been great. Kind regards Bill (29 January 2018)

From Peter, Christchurch:
I just want to thank you for discovering that I had an unclaimed asset and for all of the work your company carried out in recovering it for me. (2 February 2018)

From Judy, Christchurch:
Thanks for your work in chasing my claims and making it happen. (26 February 2018)

From Scott, Wellington Region:
Thank you for your kind attention. What a job you have! We’re impressed. (28 February 2018)

More To follow